Culture Secretary Admits Games Companies May Be Hiding

Culture Secretary Admits Games Companies May Be Hiding

A mere six weeks after the Scottish Games Network set the world afire with a detailed dissection of the Economic Contribution Study, PR company Media House has sprung into action and written a letter expressing concern to cabinet secretary for culture and external affairs, Fiona Hyslop, according to The Drum.

Ms Hyslop replied that the government has recognised that “The Creative Industries sector and Computer Games in particular were not best reflected by the sector definitions”.  In short, games companies haven’t been able to list themselves as games companies until recently.  Even now, they tend not to, choosing broader, or more general Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.

The government is now “working with our partners and industry representatives, including TIGA whose recent research suggests that there may be around 600 jobs in Scotland’s Computer Games sector. It is our intention to widen the SAB’s framework to enable the measuring and monitoring of individual sub-sectors more closely.”

The Scottish Games Network is one of those partners and the network’s Company Directory will be the definitive source of company information for the new measuring and monitoring activity.

Which means that if you’re company, university, organisation, studio or business isn’t there, or isn’t listed correctly, then you may miss out on the revised reporting.

The Company Directory is HERE.  It’s free to go and look.  Honest.

We’ll be undertaking a major clear out.  If your website doesn’t work, if you don’t reply to e-mails asking if you’re alive, or if we can’t prove you exist, then you’ll be removed.

We’ll keep you posted on the revised study as it progresses.

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