Turing Festival, Edinburgh, August 2012

Turing Festival, Edinburgh, August 2012

There’s a new event in town.  IN 2011, the first ever Turing Festival was held in Edinburgh.  It was an eclectic blend of technology, digital media, design, interactive elements and featured some seriously good speakers (including your editor, at the last minute, after a VC fled…)

Now the Turing Festival is back for 2012.  The line-up of speakers is yet to be officially confirmed, but during secret, high level discussions with Scottishgames, we were given information about this year’s line up.  It’s going to be exceptional.

There will be games, but there’s going to be so much more (including CERN).  If you are fascinated by technology, if you have even a passing interest in the future of digital media, science, television, education, art or media, then you should consider heading to Turing 2012.

If you’re not remotely interested in any of the above, then we cannot help you.

Turing takes place in Edinburgh on August 23rd-25th.  Tickets and speaker information will be available in the very near future.

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See you there.

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