Compendium Of Interest – Turing & Technology & The World Of Tomorrow

A week ago, the second Turing Festival took place in Edinburgh.  The inaugural event in 2011 was astonishingly good.  Diverse, eclectic and expert, it pulled in speakers and participants from a huge range of disciplines and, almost uniquely, seemed to focus on a speaker's ability and knowledge, rather than job title or employer. I spent... Continue Reading →

The Most Awesome Games Event In The World. Ever.

It may seem like there's a LOT going on in August.  EIF is coming, Dare is rapidly Protoplying (yes, Protoplying) into something of real significance and now, the Turing Festival has a half day of interactive entertainment thought leaders, luminaries and speakers, all appearing in Edinburgh on the 23rd of August, for the astonishing price... Continue Reading →

Turing Festival, Edinburgh, August 2012

There's a new event in town.  IN 2011, the first ever Turing Festival was held in Edinburgh.  It was an eclectic blend of technology, digital media, design, interactive elements and featured some seriously good speakers (including your editor, at the last minute, after a VC fled...) Now the Turing Festival is back for 2012.  The... Continue Reading →

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