Cosmic Reactor – New Educational Kids Title From Interface 3

Cosmic Reactor – New Educational Kids Title From Interface 3

Cosmic Reactor is a new iPad title, currently in development by Interface 3, the educational games company based in Edinburgh.

Cosmic Reactor has been designed for kids aged five upwards.  The game promises to help push numeracy and literacy skills, as well as “an ensemble cast of quirky alien characters and fastest-finger reaction challenges. Multi-round gameplay will keep players on their toes, and a variety of challenges will give all players an equal chance at going for gold.”

There will be two versions of the game, Words and Numbers.  Which we presume will focus on words and numbers respectively, along with multiplayer gameplay and teacher-friendly tracking capabilities to allow progress to be tracked and lessons customised.

While educational games have been explored in the past (step forward 3MRTDenki & TPLD), the advent of touch devices and specifically iPads promises to make educational gaming far simpler and more ubiquitous.

Cosmic Reactor will be released on iPad and Android in the second half of August. SMART Table and Microsoft PixelSense versions are also in development.

We’ll keep you posted on progress and any developments from Interface 3.  In the meantime, you can show them some love/interest on Twitter or Facebook.

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