Qix Starter

Qix Starter

Tracer is a brand new title from Dynamo Games for iPad – and very shortly – your other favourite iOS devices.  Then Android, just to make sure everyone is happy (bar Blackberry users of course, but there’s no helping some people…)

Tracer draws inspiration from classic arcade titles such as Qix and Xonix, taking players on a world tour, with locations around the world becoming arenas of wonder and delight, as players attempt to uncover each vista, panorama, setting or view as quickly as possible and without dying at the hands of a dastardly enemy intent upon your destruction and hideous agonising death.

Designed specifically for today’s touch screen devices, Tracer takes an old school idea and brings it bang up to date.

Dynamo is the company behind a number of critically acclaimed, highly praised and top selling mobile titles including The Crystal Maze and the Championship Manager series.

Tracer is a shockingly reasonable £0.69 on the Apple App Store and we would, of course, recommend iPad owners walk, quickly but safely, to their account and buy it.  Buy it now.

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