Grown Ups ONLY

Grown Ups ONLY

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a request…

‘Grown-up Gaming’ – Focus Group Series

This is a series of focus groups which will contribute to a new study into gaming culture being produced at the University of Glasgow.

These will all be held at the University of Glasgow campus. All participants must be 18 or over, have played games since youth, and currently indentify themselves as ‘gamers’. The research aims to identify aspects of the contributors’ memories of gaming and games culture, and analyse the ways in which it has contributed to their cultural identity. Each focus group will have six-eight participants, take around one-to-two hours, and will be audio recorded.

There are three planned upcoming times available for sign-up:

  • Sunday 20th May,  12-2pm
  • Sunday 20th May,  2-4pm
  • (Female gamers) Monday 19th May,  18:30-20:30pm

I am particularly interetsed in getting the perspective of female gamers in a female-only focus group, which will be co-hosted by my colleague Lesley-Ann Dickson.

All prospective participants are very welcome ask their gamer friends to come along with them, however as each group is going to be limited to eight people, this will have to be arranged in advance.

For those interested in attending – or if anyone has any questions – my email address is:

N.B. – the 10-15 minute survey qustionnaire for this project is still live. Anyone interested in taking part should check it out:

Kind Regards
Anthony Reynolds

Centre for Cultural Policy Research
University of Glasgow
9 University Avenue
G12 8QQ

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