World Exclusive – £1M Investment For Scottish Games Company

World Exclusive – £1M Investment For Scottish Games Company

Development Studio Serious Parody has raised over £1M in investment to expand the studio’s games portfolio.  This will allow the company to establish a new dedicated studio, based in Dundee and recruit 18 new members of staff in the coming months.

Serious Parody has raised the majority of the money from private investors, with a further £230,000 coming from a Scottish Enterprise regional selective assistance grant.

The investment has allowed Serious Parody to begin an immediate recruitment drive, looking for multiple programmers, artists and animators.   Contact the company directly if you’re interested.

The company’s first title, Wrestling Manager was released for iOS devices several months ago.  The game has received critical acclaim and remains one of the only management games on the App Store which focuses on the hugely popular sport.

Serious Parody CEO, Dan Hinkles, told us:

“We need a number of highly skilled and highly motivated games professionals to lead the company to success, and we’re delighted that these investments allow us to hire these key people.”

“The company has a very clear roadmap to success, taking advantage of the transformational changes that have occurred with in the games industry of recent years. We have a number of highly ambitious new projects underway and we already have a ton of talent at the spine of the company with award winning artists and programmers on board. Now we’re looking for talented developers who can really help ‘raise the bar’ for the genre’s we’re working on.”

Lena Wilson, chief executive, Scottish Enterprise, said:

“The Scottish gaming industry continues to be one of the most recognised in the world and is ranked third in Europe’s top 50 games developer locations. This announcement is very encouraging and testament to our increasing reputation as the partner of choice in major projects.

“Regional Selective Assistance is a key source of funding we use to assist home-grown companies stay and grow in Scotland and equally, to help foreign investors view Scotland as the ideal place to locate and expand their businesses. These new jobs are a welcome boost for the local economy of Dundee and for the wider Scottish economy and we look forward to working with Serious Parody to help them realise their ambitious growth plans in Scotland.”

 Congratulations to Dan and the (growing) SP team.

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