Matching Set – Out Now For iOS

Matching Set – Out Now For iOS

By the snuffly snout of Anubis!  There’s a new game out for iPhone, iPad and iPod, from the team at Ludometrics.

Matching Set is not only an invocation to the Egyptian pantheon of deities, but also challenges players to match pairs of tiles and remove them from the playing board, like the mighty Sphinx removed querulous and unworldly travellers from the land of the living, by  Horus.

The mighty Pharaoh has decreed that the game is entirely free-to-play, to encourage his subjects to try it and to exercise their intellect as much as the construction of the pyramids exercises their backs.

Prosperous merchants and the nobility can rise above the slaves, serfs and peasants however and purchase the Boost Mode, which provides extra time, a score multiplier and a gift of the Gods themselves – the powerful Smite Gem.  More points, more power, more chance of model chariots, carts, cows and all manner of trinkets for the afterlife.

Go download the game and play it.  You are commanded.

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