HubDub Raises New Funding Taking Total To $7M

HubDub Raises New Funding Taking Total To $7M

Edinburgh-based games technology firm HubDub (which also has an office in Manhattan, fact fans,) has raised additional funding from its existing partners, taking the firm’s total investment to $7,000,000. HubDub is the creator of FanDuel, the fantasy sports game, which allows players to bet (real) money on the outcome of sporting events.

FanDuel focuses mostly on US sports and covers many of the biggest leagues and competitions in North America.

Founded in 2008, with FanDuel launching in 2009, HubDub raised its first round of funding from companies including Pentech and Piton Capital.  The company has now increased investment from these partners, giving the company the resources for ongoing growth.

According to HubDub, the company paid out more than $10M in winnings over 2011.  It now expects to pay out over $4m in the forthcoming baseball season.

You can read the whole (professional) story on The Scotsman.

Fanduel can be found on the Twitters or indeed upon your very own Facebook.

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