The Quest – BAFTA Nominated Puzzler – Out Now For iOS & Android

The Quest – BAFTA Nominated Puzzler – Out Now For iOS & Android

The Quest is a brand new original – and BAFTA nominated – puzzle game from the Guerilla Tea team.  A new twist (that’s terribly clever, by the way) on the Rubik’s cube mechanic, The Quest challenges players to guide the bold knight, Sir Steve, on an epic quest (so not just a clever name…) to find the favourite mug of the lord, thy God.  Who’s misplaced it in a fit of absent mindedness after intelligently designing life as we understand it.

Steve is a rugged and hardy knight, very much in the Lancelot tradition.  It’s gallantry and valour and rescuing maidens left, right and cetre for Steve on very much a daily basis.

Now however, he has you to help him. Won’t that be nice?  So, as a reasonably omnipotent being, at least as far as Steve’s concerned, you can help him navigate, hither and yon across his cubic and distressingly changeable world.

The problem is that Steve is so chivalric, that he can’t possibly move from one type of terrain to another, without the appropriate vehicle or contraption to allow his passage in the sort of style and grace of which Merlin would approve.

So to move Steve onto a vertiginous mountainside, you’ll need his lordly balloon.  To move upon the face of the waters, Steve will clearly need his canopied canoe of paddling.  That sort of thing.

So you tap on a square to move Steve onto it.  You can rotate the Rubik-esque world across multiple axes (not the chopping kind) and you have to pop Steve into the appropriate conveyance in order to lead him to the glorious triumph and wonder that is the end of the level.

Clear?  Smashing.  The Quest is available now for you iOS device(s) for a grail questingly low price of £0.69.  Go buy it.

Guerilla Tea has also created a medical training game called Ward Round, which is also up on the App Store and the team is promising ‘lots more’ in the near future.

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