World Exclusive – AudioSkins – New Audio Solution For Every Developer

World Exclusive – AudioSkins – New Audio Solution For Every Developer

Audio experts Euphonious has launched a brand new service aimed at independent developers, animators, film makers and other creatives, in need of professional, affordable audio for their new game/film/animation/other.

AudioSkins offers a range of complete ‘packs’, which can be browsed (by audio style or game genre, cleverly), previewed, purchased and immediately downloaded.

According to the press release:

Each AudioSkins pack is designed around a single theme, creating a cohesive, comprehensive audio pack for a specific game type. Each pack contains a title track, a looping in-game track, positive/negative sound effects, win/lose jingles and user interface sounds. Each component can also be bought individually to ensure every developer and creator can benefit from the AudioSkins solution.

Every AudioSkins track is provided in high quality 16bit 44.1 Khz stereo .wav format.

Developers can use each pack as it is, or work with Euphonious to customise it further and create something specific for each project.

There’s a flat rate of £250 for each pack.  Individual components can even be bought, allowing even the smallest budgets to stretch to include pro audio features.

Better yet, platform is NOT an issue.  Any pack can be purchased for any platform/project.  Euphonious is also offering competitive rates for periods of exclusivity or buy out, ensuring your project is unique.

Raymond Usher (multiple BAFTA Award-winner, former director of audio for Realtime Worlds and member of the GTA audio team), the founder of Euphonious, creator of AudioSkins, explains further:

“Smaller developers, one man teams and companies working on very tight timescales and budgets often find it incredibly difficult to acquire high quality audio for their games. AudioSkins was created specifically to give this new generation of developers a way to find, buy and customise a complete pack for their game, no matter what platforms it is destined for. We can offer an off-the-peg solution, or work with the developer to customise the pack and create something entirely new. Everything from the browsing and genres, through to the costs, exclusivity and business model have been tailored to make it as simple and cost effective as possible for creative companies to acquire high quality audio.”

In short, it’s the sort of clever, focused service, which should be attractive to every indie, casual, mobile and social games company out there.

AudioSkins is now open for business.  You can find the initial selection of AudioSkins on the website (with regular updates scheduled for new content). You can also find AudioSkins on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

You can also find Euphonious online, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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