Now Recruiting – Cobra

Now Recruiting – Cobra

While the rest of the economy languishes, the creative sector seems to recovering a little faster than other sectors.  The interactive industry in particular seems to be thriving right now, with a great many companies now looking for new employees and recruits.

First up in a festive rundown of recruitment is Dundee’s Cobra.  If you’re unfamiliar with the company, the chances you’ve come across their games – especially if you’re an iPhone, iPod or iPad owner.  Cobra is the company behind Low Grav Racer 2, Storm In A Teacup, iBomber 2, the BAFTA nominated iBomber Defence and Numba, amongst many others.

The company was founded by DMA Design veteran Mark Ettle and was a pioneer of the iOS platform.  Cobra continues to focus on simple, casual and addictive games.

They’re now looking for staff:

Cobra Mobile is looking for enthusiastic artists and graphic designers to come and work on a series of exciting new games and platforms in Dundee. Please get in-touch if you would like to come and work with some of the best. Visit or say hello on Facebook at to find out more about its amazing products.

Artist/Junior Artist

To be responsible for creation of in-game graphic assets.

Traditional art skills required, including 2D drawing skills.
Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator.

If you’re interested, visit the links above, the e-mail a CV to

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