BAFTA New Talent Awards – Call For Entries

BAFTA New Talent Awards – Call For Entries

Hot on the heels of the BAFTA In Scotland awards, the BAFTA New Talent Awards are now open for business.  This competition is aimed at students and developers working on their first project.

There is a specific games category, which is open to games on all platforms.  Entrants can be part of a larger team, but are asked to respect the spirit of the ‘new talent’ part of the awards.  As the website puts it:

In addition, individuals entering the awards must be either students or emerging professionals working in the relevant field for the first time. Please note that there is no age limit to entry into competition but non-student entrants must be genuinely first-time practitioners. Due to the collaborative nature of creating work BAFTA in Scotland appreciate students/first-timers may work alongside more experienced crew, however we ask that submissions be made in the spirit of the New Talent Awards, and to uphold the integrity of these awards BAFTA Scotland reserve the right to make further checks to ensure eligibility. Individuals entering the awards should be Scottish, resident in Scotland or a student registered with a Scottish institution.

Entries are £20, or £10 for students.  Work does not have to be commercially available, but must have been completed between the 1st of January and 31st of December 2011.

You can find the entry guidelines, criteria, costs and submission details on the BAFTA website.

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