OUT NOW – Your Game

OUT NOW – Your Game

Ladies and gentlemen,  we need your games.

We’d like to let the good people of the world know about YOUR games.  Where to find them, how to get them, what they are.  Think of it as an OUT NOW type list.

It will cover ALL platforms.  It will include paid, free-to-play, freemium or whatever crazy business models you’ve chosen to include.

It WILL be shared with the wider world, promoted, e-mailed, discussed, Reddited, Dugg, Stumbled, Facebooked and Twittered.

In short, this is a golden opportunity to let people know about your game FREE and in the run-up to Christmas.

We know you’re ‘busy’.  We know you’re terribly, terribly busy.  And we know that marketing is a loathsome thing that only oiks and farm animals should concern themselves with.

However, pretend for a moment that you WANT people to play your game(s) and that it would be a GOOD THING to have all of the games from Scottish companies which are OUT NOW, in one place, where people can find them, play them and marvel at how clever and creative you are.

The plan is to do this before Christmas.  Let’s say the 16th. That gives you a week to send us a link and a screenshot/logo.  We’ll then get it up everywhere, share it with everyone and call it a Christmas round-up.

That gives y’all a week to sort out a link and an image.  Post them here, share them on Twitter, over on Facebook or e-mail us.

Can you help?  Why of course you can.  There are approximately 60 companies in our Who’s Who list, so we’re expecting at least half a dozen responses…

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