The Ship – Back From The Dead

The Ship – Back From The Dead

New Edinburgh-based independent studio Blazing Griffin has acquired the highly acclaimed online title The Ship: Murder Party.
The Ship was originally created by Outerlight, another Scottish development studio, which sadly went out of business earlier this year, before the company’s second game – Bloody Good Time was released on Xbox Live Arcade.

The Ship was an early title on Steam, the online distribution network created by Valve Software.  The game picked up acclaim from critics and attracted thousands of players around the world and enjoys a Metacritic rating of 76 out of 100.

Peter van der Watt, the managing director of Blazing Griffin says, “We discovered that Outerlight was closing and the rights to The Ship were up for sale. Rather than let such a great title disappear forever, or get snapped up by somebody else, we quickly raised the finance and bought the whole thing.  The Ship has a lot of long term fans, and plenty of room for expansion. Even though it came out five years ago, it’s still selling, to this day, on Steam. Everyone we’ve spoken to is really happy it’s going to have a new lease of life.”

Blazing Griffin are remaining tight-lipped on their plans for the game, but would welcome feedback, thoughts and ideas from players.  “We’ll be looking at this game from the ground up, and although we have plenty of ideas, we’re definitely up for more from the fans,” says van der Watt.  The Blazing Griffin forums are open to anyone who would like to contribute.

We’ll be following the progress of The Ship over the next several months and will, of course, keep you informed about the progress of the game.

You can find Blazing Griffin on the company’s website.  Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or join in the debate on the forum.

And of course, most importantly, the company has made it into the hallowed and infinitely complete Scottishgames Who’s Who list.

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