Take A Bow

Take A Bow

When the all new Scottishgames.net was launched, we thought long and hard about how to offer something new, fresh, zesty, delightful and useful to the individuals, companies, studios and games out there.  One idea was to shun the idea of a static banner/logo for the site and instead invite contributions from all and sundry.

To date, we’ve had entries from exceptionally talented artists, development studios and diverse organisations.  We’re even planning a 2011 Banner competition in which you can vote for your favourite.  Yes, we’re good like that.

However, it’s the start of a new week and as Bob Dylan would have said, had he had a similar idea and a blog to populate – the banner, she is a-changing.

Last week’s sterling effort was from the very lovely folks at Tag Play, who were promoting their latest release Funpark Friends.

Thank you very much indeed, Tag.

This week’s banner comes from the equally delightful Outplay Entertainment – only a stones throw from Tag – and their new Facebook game – Booty Quest.

We’re legally bound to mention that Booty Quest (a fast-paced match 3 game, with a strong pirate theme and more bling than a 50 cent video) is out now and can be played for free on Facebook.  You can even attempt to wrest the high score away from the Outplay team, who are shockingly good at the bloody game…

And since they asked nicely, Outplay’s first release, Word Trick is also out now (and is exceptionally fascinating entertainment for linguaphiles, philologists, dictionarians and clever people worldwide).

You too can become a contributor to the Scottishgames gallery of goodness.  We’ll use ALL banners (unless they’re really terrible, in which case we’ll tell you…) from individuals or games-related companies.  You could – and we’re just speculating here – even use it for recruitment.  If you had, say, a position you really wanted to fill, you could – theoretically – DO A BANNER which would be up there for a week.  We’d also be honour-bound to mention it editorially, since that would be an imaginative and creative use of the space, wouldn’t it…?

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