Outplay’s Word Trick Gets Wordier, Trickier And Even More Social

Outplay’s Word Trick Gets Wordier, Trickier And Even More Social

Outplay Entertainment is the new social/casual/mobile games publisher founded earlier this year by Doug and Richard Hare.  Since the company was launched in February, it’s had its head down, working away, recruiting staff and creating several original new games.

The first of these, Word Trick, was released several weeks ago and has just received a fairly major update.  The game is a simple word challenge, in which players take turns to make the highest scoring words from their letter tiles.  A bit like the well-known board game which features word creation, but very, very different.  We’d like to emphasise that…

Word Trick also has a couple of actual tricks up its sleeve.  Putting down trick tiles in a sequence triggers bonuses and combos, to boost your score even more mightily, leading to stratospheric scores and general wonder from your friends and contacts.

The game has now received its first update, improving the UI, increasing the integration with the social network allowing users to boast, brag, chat and find opponents more quickly and simply, plus it all works faster and more smoothly.

You can find the complete list of updates over on the Outplay blog.  The company has also created Twitter feeds for both Word Trick and the brand new Booty Quest puzzle game (which we’ll be covering in more depth fairly shortly…)

Or you can go and play the game now!

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