Cobra’s Storm In A Teacup Hits The ROKU

Cobra’s Storm In A Teacup Hits The ROKU



Cobra’s Storm In A Teacup, which offers players the chance to fly a tiny boy-toting teacup through a dreamlike world of wonder, is now out on a brand new platform.

The Roku is a streaming media player, which is available primarily in North America.  It offers a range of streaming content, including the world-spanning Angry Birds.  Not bad for a device which costs just under $60.

Cobra’s Mark Ettle said, “ROKU is an amazing platform for games and media. With Storm in a Teacup we’re really showcasing that ROKU 2 can provide a real high-def. game experience alongside all your favourite streaming media and entertainment channels. This is the first time Storm in a Teacup is playable as a TV experience and shows the real family-friendly nature of the game which is easily accessible and playable by any one who can pick up a controller”

You can find Storm In A Teacup on the Roku store.  Or, if you want a quick look at the game in action on the device, check out Cobra’s YouTube channel.

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