European Consortium Awarded 2.8M€ Grant For Research Into Low Energy Graphics Processing

A consortium of four technology companies – including Codeplay in Edinburgh – and two universities, has been awarded a grant of 2.9 million Euros, from the EU.  The money will be used for research into the next generation of hardware for video games consoles.

The consortium is comprised of four companies – Codeplay, Cambridge-based Geomerics, AI company and Greek firm Think Silicon.  Alongside these organisations are two universities – Germany’s TU-Berlin and Sweden’s Uppsala.

The newly-funded project will run over the next three years.  It aims to enable the creation of the next generation of video game consoles and mobile gaming devices, by producing research that will help develop better graphics processors.

Specifically, the group will be looking into reducing power and bandwidth requirements for software, produce more power-efficient Graphic Processing Units, and push forward the development of future parallel processors.

Andrew Richards, CEO at Codeplay, explained, “We are delighted the EU has recognised the need to invest in the future of consumer technology.  This project will have real tangible, practical benefits and our ambition is that it will allow Europe to take the lead in the development of the next generation of low power high performance mobile and videogame graphics technology.”

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