The Grapple Game

The Grapple Game

Wrestling Manager is the inaugural game from new development studio Serious Parody.  Offering players the chance to take charge of a variety of oiled beefcake (of all sexes, races, creeds and abilities) and get them to the top of the belt-owning, ass-kicking and cross-buttocked tree, where they can sneer and threaten to ‘rip a new one’ in any opponent who is foolish enough to face them in the ring.

All tailored for the iPhone.

Sports management games are a hugely popular genre, the giants in the field being the legendarily detailed Championship Manager and the young upstart on the block Football Manager, slugging it out in the passionate fans front.

Wrestling has, so far, been confined to the equally popular console titles from the US professional organisations such as WWE and UFC (yes, ok, the last one isn’t strictly wrestling, but we’re out of our depth here…)

Oddly however, wrestling management games have been very few and far between.  There are a couple out there, but nothing which seems to have set the world on fire.  The WWE console games have included a management aspect, but there are few stand alone titles out there.

Serious Parody’s title then, has an excellent opportunity to show the millions of wrestling fans worldwide, that there’s more to the grappling game than simply body slamming and pitying the poor fool…

There’s no word on how the game’s going to play, but the company has created a dedicated website, which features a wide range of concept art, as well as a developer diary, which we’re assured will fill in fans with the latest and greatest information as it is added to the game.

We’re planning to speak to Serious Parody in more depth at some point very soon and bring you more information on this latest addition to the development sector in Scotland.

In the meantime, you can check out the game over on the Westling Management website.

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