Plum Crazy – New From Claymore Games

Plum Crazy – New From Claymore Games

Claymore Games, the indie games studio founded by Brian Hackett in 2005 has been working quietly away on a number of projects over the last year or so, but we’ve not heard much from them.

That’s all changed with the release of Claymore’s Plum Crazy, for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad…), which is OUT NOW!

The games a strange and compelling combination of adorably cute and colourful cartoon graphics and chilling fruit-based violence.  Plum Crazy is, at heart, a maze game, but with a clever twist which promises to test and challenge player’s reaction times and planning skills.

Claymore describes the game like this:

The objective is to guide our ‘Plum Crazy’ hero around the jelly maze filled with slicers, rotten tomatoes, gobby blueberries, nasty acid smoothies and all manner of fruity things. But the player must also keep up with the rollers that move around the maze or they’ll end up juiced. Tapping or swiping on the screen rolls the grapefruit in the direction you want to go,  squishing things as you move. Squish enough plums and you’ll advance to the next level; complete all the levels in a world and you’ll  unlock a bonus mini-game.
There are a total 24 levels, split over 3 worlds, each presenting different hazards. A bonus mini-game is available at the end of each world too! Plans to release more levels and mini-games are also in motion.

No word as yet on whether the plans for more levels and mini-games are sinister, but we’ll keep track of the game and as Claymore as and when we get a chance…

PLUM CRAZYwas developed using a new objective-c port of Claymore’s Primordial Soup build system, which was originally created for developing Java games for mobile phones…

Using Primordial Soup has allowed Claymore to quickly and easily implement and include many features of the iOS platform,  including Retine and Universal App support, along with iPod music player support (allowing players to listen to their own music while playing a game – a feature all too fed developers bother to think about…) and Game Center support (allowing multiple leaderboards and achievements to be integrated into the game).

Claymore has created a dedicated Facebook page for the game, as well as a promotional video over on YouTube (or you can check it out below).

Plum Crazy is now available on the Apple App Store for the very reasonable and entirely worthwhile price of £0.69.  Go check it out, download, play and leave a glowing review.  You’ll feel all the better for it!

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  1. PLUM CRAZY is the with out a doubt the best game in any format I have played in a long time the colour,sound and game play draw you in and hold you there for hours and for 69p WOW !!!


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