Scottish Games Network Boss Begs Scottish Newspaper To ‘Be Less Shit’

Following an astonishing unattributed article posted in last week's Edinburgh Evening News, Brian Baglow, director of the Scottish Games Network has invited the tabloid to 'consider what it's about', to 'perhaps join the rest of us in the 21st century' and to direct all of its efforts to becoming 'slightly less shit.' In the article,... Continue Reading →

Plum Crazy – New From Claymore Games

Claymore Games, the indie games studio founded by Brian Hackett in 2005 has been working quietly away on a number of projects over the last year or so, but we've not heard much from them. That's all changed with the release of Claymore's Plum Crazy, for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad...), which is OUT NOW! The... Continue Reading →

How Politics Works (Episode #4 in an ongoing series)

1.  Pick violent tragedy which occurred somewhere in the world. 2.  Pick random game which features weapon(s) 3.  Blame game for tragedy 4.  Repeat

Culture Minister Criticises MPs Attitudes Towards Games Business

Ed Vaizey, the UK's Minister for culture, media and sport has attacked MPs general lack of understanding regarding videogames and the industry behind them, reports Appearing before the Scottish Affairs Committee, examining the subject of tax breaks for the games industry, Labour MP Ian Davidson remarked that Mr Vaizey "...ought to be concerned about... Continue Reading →

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