Food Run out today on iOS – Forget Meals on Wheels, Pixels On Toast serves up Eggs on Legs.

Out today on iOS, quirky platformer Food Run comes from Edinburgh based one-man-developer Pixels On Toast, also known as Kevin Ng. With Rockstar Games, EA and Warthog sitting happily on his CV, Ng formed Pixels On Toast in 2010 and produced titles WordCrasher and Kick Flick Soccer. Food Run is his follow up and we... Continue Reading →

Plum Crazy – New From Claymore Games

Claymore Games, the indie games studio founded by Brian Hackett in 2005 has been working quietly away on a number of projects over the last year or so, but we've not heard much from them. That's all changed with the release of Claymore's Plum Crazy, for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad...), which is OUT NOW! The... Continue Reading →

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