Dare ProtoPlay – Festival Of Gaming, August 12-14th

Dare ProtoPlay – Festival Of Gaming, August 12-14th

It’s official.  Dare to be Digital’s ProtoPlay event is going to be the biggest ever.  A full on festival of gaming goodness, taking place over three days in mid-August in the city centre.  Alongside the games being created by the Dare teams, we hear there is a pro-gamer tournament, a game jam (open to professionals and amateurs alike), industry talks, special guest stars and a showcase of games from companies including Blitz, Crytek, Sony and many, many more.

We’ve also been privy to a number of secret discussions, which outline further plans, to introduce even more unique content to the whole ProtoPlay event and build it into the UK’s leading videogaming event.  More on that as soon as we’ve discovered what will happen.

ProtoPlay will take place in and around the Caird Hall and will, of course be entirely and completely free to attend.

We’ll be keeping you posted over the next few weeks as more details emerge.

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