4J Studios To Create Minecraft for Xbox Live

4J Studios To Create Minecraft for Xbox Live

While there’s been nothing officially ‘official’ word crept out via the social networks yesterday that Dundee’s 4J Studios will be responsible for bringing indie games phenomenon Minecraft, to Xbox Live Arcade.

A Facebook update from one of the studio heads yesterday, stated: “Delighted to announce 4J Studios is developing Minecraft for XBLA. Respect to Notch and the team at Mojang.”

Which seems to sum it up pretty well.

If you’ve not come across Minecraft yet, it’s a simple little indie game, in which players can build stuff.  Think great big 3D LEGO, with a hint of survival horror.

The game’s open nature, refreshingly low-res graphics and immediate geek appeal has meant that it has now sold over 2.5m copies and players have used to build everything from a 1:1 scale USS Enterprise through to working 16-bit maths processor.

Congratulations to all of the team at 4J.

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