Storm In A Teacup – New From Cobra

Storm In A Teacup – New From Cobra

Storm In A Teacup, the latest title from Cobra is now live on the Apple App Store.  A physics-based platformer, the game challenges users to ‘explore amazing, dream-like worlds. Solve puzzles, avoid pitfalls and beat the bad guys’.

The game has just been updated, adding 10 new bonus levels, a brand new Challenge mode, customisation options, allowing you to tailor exactly what Storm looks like, plus additional story elements.

The game has been getting some decent reviews from the media, so the new update promises to increase the physics based fun to new levels (literally, there are new levels in there…)

You can find Storm In A Teacup on the Apple App Store for for £0.59.  It’s available for iPhone/iPod and iPad.  If you need a little more persuasion, there’s even a Lite version available for free.

Or you can check out the game in action on YouTube…

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