Please Welcome – Lucky Frame

Please Welcome – Lucky Frame

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Lucky Frame, a new development studio based in Edinburgh.  Focusing on “interfaces for music using games consoles and mobile devices’ and “other fun stuff”, Lucky Frame is the brain child of Jon Brodsky and long-time Scotishgames hero Yann Seznec.

The company’s focus on musical interfaces and interesting stuff based around sound has already spawned a number of creative and widely praised projects.  Wii Loop Machine, which uses the Wii controller to create and mix music has generated a huge amount of coverage, from Make Magazine to Dragon’s Den (yes, the real one).  Mujik, the company’s first iPhone title, which has an impressive 4.5 star review rating on iTunes.

Lucky Frame has also created a number of online and mobile apps, which either allow users to control and create music in new and unusual ways, or changes elements of music in response to changing conditions.  What?  They do.  Go the the website and have a look at their projects – they DO.

At the recent Dundee Game Jam, the Lucky Frame boys collaborated with Haiku Interactive’s Alex Waterston to create the fabulously named Droopy Lasers – a game which uses voice input to control a couple of robots firing, well, droopy lasers at each other.  It looks incredible.  Sounds weird right enough, but in a good and entirely fun sort of way…

Droopy Lasers Demo from The Amazing Rolo on Vimeo.

If that wasn’t quite enough, the Lucky Frame team are working on a number of new projects and are even available for consultancy, to companies which are interested in new musical interfaces, or doing something interesting with this ‘sound thing’.

They have, of course, been listed in the fractally comprehensive Scottishgames Who’s Who directory.  Which makes them about as official as it gets.

Please say hello and make them feel welcome.


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