Introducing Drop Catcher & Drop Catcher Laser – new From Fat Bob Games

Introducing Drop Catcher & Drop Catcher Laser – new From Fat Bob Games

iPhone users can now download and enjoy TWO brand new games from Edinburgh-based development studio Fat Bob Games.

(For those of you who were brought up beneath rocks, or suffered in a non-literary household, Fat Bob wis Oor Wullie’s heavier companion, who enjoyed the odd jeely piece).

Fat Bob’s first releases are two ‘twin’ games for the iPhone.  Drop Catcher is a fluffy, sunny and cartoony puzzle game, in which players must drag gaily coloured into an equally gaily coloured column, which stretches up, up, into the very heavens, stopping only when it reaches the top of the screen.

It’s a simple, fun and fairly compelling idea, which proves far more addictive than anyone would initially suspect (hence this post being at least two days late).

Should you be more of a fan of grizzled space marines, whooping, high-fiving each other and splattering alien viscera all over a gorgeously rendered planet, then you need Drop Catcher LASER.

Drop Catcher LASER (which has to be said in the appropriate Doctor Evil style, complete with ‘air quotes’) is a far darker and more sinister sibling.  The endless void stretches around the player, isolating and confining the light-sabre-esque columns within the claustrophobic infinity.  Neon sigils of astonishing beauty swoop and soar around the player, offering the chance of building a bigger light-sabre, banishing the choking vacuum and creating a shimmering column of light; a beacon for distant civilisations and a testament to humanity’s eons-old quest to move ‘beyond’.

Which isn’t bad for 59p (or approximately 12 bob in real money).

Both games are now available on the App Store.  Should you have missed those links, it’s Drop Catcher and Drop Catcher ‘LASER’.

Little is known about Fat Bob Games themselves.  Complex investigative journalism has revealed that there are currently eight bobs within Fat Bob:  FatBobGames are Fat Bob, Ninja Bob, Beardy Bob, Dosh Bob, Arty Bob, Web Bob, Thingma Bob, Binary Bob and Bob with no name – which we hope clears things up.

The company has another three games in development, due for release before summer.  They’re also currently raising funds to develop a brand new social game, which they promise is ‘revolutionary’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘smashing’.

The company’s now been listed in the famously comprehensive Who’s Who list, complete with contact/s and links.  In the meantime, feel free to follow the company on Twitter.

And buy the game.  Always buy the game.

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