Architecture & Design In Scotland Seeks Game Designers/Developers

Architecture & Design In Scotland Seeks Game Designers/Developers

Scottish Architecture & Design is looking for game designers/developers who can help them to create online games for the organisation’s website.  The designer can be an individual or part of a larger organisation.  The only information about the game/s notes: “Content of the games will be developed by A+DS with technical advice from the appointed designer.”
The deadline for registering is 3pm TODAY (21/01/2011) so, our apologies for the last minute notice, but it was placed in the equivalent of the locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory, with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard…
Here’s the overview:
Architecture + Design Scotland (A+DS) invites individuals and companies to register their interest in designing and building educational, interactive games to be included as part of the education section of Designers will be expected to attend meetings with A+DS as necessary for development of the games and to keep A+DS updated throughout the design process. Content of the games will be developed by A+DS with technical advice from the appointed designer.
A+DS is Scotland’s champion for excellence in placemaking, architecture and planning. We are an Executive NDPB of the Scottish Government. A+DS aims to support the creation of places that work, which provide people with real choices and, are ultimately, places where people want to be.
The interactive games will serve as unique teaching resources to support the teachers continuing professional development (CPD) series of workshops delivered by the A+DS and will be closely linked to Curriculum for Excellence outcomes and experiences. It is envisioned that the games will be used as interactive whiteboard teaching resources in the classroom and for children to use on an individual desktop enabling us to engage teachers and students in placemaking education effectively.
Applicants should have
– demonstrable experience of design and build of web based educational games (required)
– a good understanding of architecture and the built environment (desirable)
– an understanding of the Curriculum for Excellence (desirable)
Interested parties should register their interest by no later than 3pm on Friday 21st January 2011 after which they will be contacted and requested to submit a CV of related qualifications and experience, links to examples of online work/games and a summary of services supplied and rates applied.
View the whole notice and record your interest in the project by visiting the Public Contracts website.


  1. very interested about the games design post, ive studied games for 2and a half years at glasgow caledonian and am currently undertaking my degree year of study.

    John Macaulay
  2. Hi I am a 3rd year Computer games design student and am very interested in an opportunity to help work within a project to create and design educational, interactive games.
    I have designed several different games, expressing different game genres with in an analogue and digital outputs.
    I always worked very well within my group, with all members to produce a high quality product, producing one of the two best games within my second year.
    I have always given help and support to my peers and given advice, criticism and different outlooks for ideas when possible.
    I have also taken part in different games design productions such as the “Global Game Jam” and others like it, to extend my knowledge and ability working in a game development environment.
    I would really appreciate the opportunity to expresses and provide my skills towards the creation of a project and believe I could become a fundamental member of the team.
    I look forward to hearing back from you
    Yours sincerely
    Sean McCurley

    Sean McCurley
  3. I am Michael Jardine I am a student at Elmwood College studying NC Digital Media

    As part of my course I am interested in finding out what products and services your company provides?

    I would like to know about key stages of the production process in developing producing and distributing your products and services

    I would appreciate any information you can provide on this

    Thank you

    Michael Jardine

    michael jaridne

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