Triple B’s Zombies 8 My Cookiez – Out Now On Xbox Live Arcade

Triple B’s Zombies 8 My Cookiez – Out Now On Xbox Live Arcade

Zombies are, to be fair, a perfect subject for videogames.  They’re slow moving, pitiless and you can machine gun, burn, explode, chop or otherwise mutilate them without mercy, since they’re already undead.

However, some zombie horror can be a little… grim.  Brains and guts everywhere.  Limbs flying in all directions and a screen which ends up looking like a butcher’s dustbin.

What you need to lighten things up and give your zombie game that edge is to introduce something new.  Something which has universal recognition, love and which makes the peoples of the world happy.  Like biscuits.

Triple B games has one-upped Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead and the Walking Dead in several ways – first, it doesn’t have the word ‘Dead’ in the title.  Secondly, their latest game features zombies who shun feasting on brains and have instead developed a taste for bicuits (or cookies if you prefer).

The game is a twin-stick shooter (think Robotron or Smash TV) in which the player must defend their plate of delicious biscuits from the ravening hordes of sweet-toothed undead.  Standard shotguns and machine guns are supplemented with weapons such as flamethrowers and a ferocious sounding lightning-bolt gun.

Featuring sophisticated physics, stylish cartoon graphics, drop-in competitive and co-operative local multiplayer action (across 3 x different game modes no less) Zombiez 8 My Cookiez is out now on the Xbox Live Marketplace, for the entirely reasonable cost of 400 MS points.

Still unconvinced?  You can read a real live review of the game over on Armless Octopus.

This is the fourth XBLA game from Triple B. The company has previously released Fitba, National Lacrosse League: Lacrosse 2010 (Kotaku’s best indie sports game of 2010) and Inside Lacrosse’s College Lacrosse 2010.

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