Lurching Horror Of Zombie Flick Fun For Dynamo & Black Camel

Outpost Defense, the latest iOS release from the team at Dynamo Games has been created on conjunction with Scottish film production company Black Camel Pictures. Based on the newly released movie: Outpost II: Black Sun, which was released last weekend at Fright Fest, the game is part of a whole transmedia experience which features Nazi Zombies.  Thousands... Continue Reading →

Triple B’s Zombies 8 My Cookiez – Out Now On Xbox Live Arcade

Zombies are, to be fair, a perfect subject for videogames.  They're slow moving, pitiless and you can machine gun, burn, explode, chop or otherwise mutilate them without mercy, since they're already undead. However, some zombie horror can be a little... grim.  Brains and guts everywhere.  Limbs flying in all directions and a screen which ends... Continue Reading →

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