Google Launches App Store For Chrome

Google Launches App Store For Chrome

With a growing number of game developers now focusing on the new App markets, today’s announcement for Google could represent a new way to enter the online and browser-based market for many of Scotland’s mobile and smartphone studios.

Google’s Chrome browser has quietly been getting on with impressing people over the last several months.  It’s attracted a lot of new users thanks to its speed, stability and a host of understated features that make working online very simple.

Google has now, quietly, made Chrome a new competitor in the global app market, with the launch of the Google Chrome App Store.

Games are a prominent feature, with titles – both free and paid – from EA, Jagex, Namco and Big Fish all available.

Apps are played within the Chrome browser and appear in their own section whenever a new blank tab is opened.

According to reports, the App store is limited to the US right now, but a little exploration and testing seems to show everything working here in the UK as well…

We’ll be watching the development of the Chrome App store – and developers support for it – with great interest (as enthusiastic Chrome users here at SGHQ)

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