Games Addiction Debate – Radio Scotland

Games Addiction Debate – Radio Scotland

This morning’s Call Kaye programme on Radio Scotland, covered the topic of games addicition, following Monday’s controversial Panorama report looking at the same issue.

The Panorama piece has been already picked apart by much of the games media.  The conclusion is generally that it was poorly researched, anecdotal and featured advice to ‘addicted’ gamers to go out, meet girls and ‘get smashed’.

This morning’s Call Kaye programme was a phone-in, allowing listeners to call in with their views and comments which were, for the most part, quite positive and level headed.

Your editor took part as an ‘expert’ and contributed many valuable in insightful comments to the proceedings.

You can hear the whole programme on BBC iPlayer.  The games topic starts at about 1:16 into the programme.

The question “Do you, personally, feel guilty for stunting children’s growth, Brian?” notwithstanding, Kaye Adams is quite lovely…


    1. I simply cackled wildly, forced Kaye, at gunpoint, to sign up for, subscribe to and play WoW: Cataclysm. She’s still there now. Displaying aggressive behaviour and withdrawal symptoms from over SIX HOURS of exposure to the cynical addiction techniques of the evil development overlords.

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