Digital Goldfish Releases Bloons TD 4

Digital Goldfish Releases Bloons TD 4

Digital Goldfish has released the latest title in the popular Bloons series – Bloons TD 4 (the TD stands for ‘Tower Defence’).  If you’re not familiar with Bloons, it’s a whole family of games in which a charismatic monkey hurls darts at balloons, with the goal of bursting them all.

The Tower Defence games build upon this, with a whole army of monkeys defending their glorious homeland from a rampaging army of balloons.  Bloons TD 4 promises new weapons, upgrades, levels and integration into Apple’s Game Centre for added online play, unlockable secrets and extra added bonus monkeys.

The Bloons games are created by an online game developer called Ninja Kiwi.  They’ve proven to be incredibly popular, racking up millions of users and games played since the original Bloons was released.  Digital Goldfish has created all of the iPhone versions of the series.

Bloons TD 4 is out now on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod, priced at £1.79, $2.99 or €2.39, depending on where you access the App store.

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