Axis Animation Created ‘Under Siege’ Trailer Hits The Internet

The trailer for the Seed Studios’ new PlayStation 3 realtime strategy game, Under Siege, was released online earlier this week.  Created by Glasgow-based Axis Animation, the trailer was co-directed by Wiek Luijken and Dana Dorian.

The trailer ‘introduces the various factions across the world of Under Siege, as a wave of evil sweeps across the land.’

Axis has said, “A big attraction for the Axis team was the games art direction and it was this that really appealed to Wiek and Dana inspiring them heavily.”

Over the last several years, Axis has completed a large number of projects for some of the world’s biggest videogames, including Mass Effect 2, Singularity, Pirates of the Caribbean and Crackdown 2 – created by Ruffian Games in Dundee – as well as numerous projects for film, television and advertising.

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  1. Fantastic trailer is a little reminiscent of WoW (can’t be helped I guess).

    Pretty much everything that comes out of Axis is incredible.

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