Ludometrics Partners With Comedy Unit For First iPhone Title

Ludometrics Partners With Comedy Unit For First iPhone Title

Ludometrics, the company founded by Dave Thomson (Denki, Slam, Games Kitchen) earlier in 2010 has released its first title – an iPhone app based on the Comedy Unit’s TV series, Gary: Tank Commander.

Featuring a range of soundboards, almost guaranteed to confuse non-Scots, with classic clips from Gary (Gary McLintoch) himself, alongside ‘Gary’s Mystic Ball’ in which the hero of the show provides helpful advice and answers to questions, in the same manner as a Magic 8-Ball, but with an eerie Scottish twist.

We caught up with Mr Thomson between executive business breakfasts, to ask for a little more detail on the App:

“It’s published under The Comedy Unit’s name, Ludometrics did the creation part.  We worked with Greg McHugh up front to  make sure that there was something beyond the soundboards, which is what a lot of other shows do.  That’s where the Mystic Ball came from.  There’s a few hidden secrets in there too…”

Upon being quizzed about a possible HD version for iPad, or other projects coming from Ludometrics, Mr Thomson replied, enigmatically:

“No specific plans for an HD version, but we may have a couple of other things up our sleeves (or we may not). You’ll just have to be patient…”

You can find the app – free – on iTunes (and season one is now out on DVD).

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