Artist In Residence 001 – Searra Dodds

Artist In Residence 001 – Searra Dodds

One of the things we’re planning to keep the new looking fresh is a weekly update of the banner at the top of the site.  Anyone is welcome to contribute ideas and artwork for use there and we’ll credit everyone who has a banner used, with their own post and an entry in the Hall o’ Fame.

This week’s 8-bit pixel art banner featuring classic consoles and controllers, comes from the tablet of Searra Dodds, recent graduate of Abertay’s new Masters degree in professional game design.

If you’d like to submit a banner for the site, or know someone who you think would be suitable, please get in touch.  Or DM us on Twitter.  The banner is a simple 700 x 200 pixel space and you can either feature the site name, or leave it to us to slap it on there – probably in Helvetic, or a similarly authoritative font.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank Searra for the first ever banner and encourage anyone looking for 2D or UI work to get in touch with her.

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