Hello world.  Welcome to the all new Scottishgames site.  Your single, central resource for everything happening in, relating to and coming from the industry of making games in Scotland.  Developers, indie studios, universities, supporting organisations and local media will all be featured here, making it the place to find out what’s going on in and around Scotland’s interactive sector.

There are several ways to keep up to date with the new Scottishgames:

1.  Visit the site – www.scottishgames.net

2.  RSS Feeds for posts and/or comments can be found at the top right hand corner of the site

3.  Daily/weekly e-mail updates. Get all the news, delivered to your inbox on a schedule to suit you

4.  Twitter.  @Scottishgames Links to all of the headlines, stories and comments

News: To make this work, we need to know what you’re up to.  We need studio news, new staff, releases, deals, projects, updates, funding, opinion, editorial, interviews, profiles and comments.  There’s a comprehensive contact list on the right hand side of the site, handily labeled ‘Contacts’.  Scottishgamesdotnet@gmail.com is the place for EVERYTHING happening with your company, indie, game, project, course, organisation or ‘other’.

Design: We’re not having a regular logo.  As such.  The SG.net header image is up for grabs, each and every single week.  We’re accepting images, designs, screenshots, logos, or whatever YOU, our public, would like to see in there.  The header will change every Sunday and the designer/artist/provider of the image will be publicly praised and make it into the Scottishgames Hall o’ fame for all time.

Editorial: Got something on your mind?  Disagree violently with someone else’s opinion?  Just have something that you think needs to be said?  Tell us.  We’re looking for guest editorial, opinion pieces, research, updates and ideas from everyone involved in the business/academic side of things.  E-mail us with a quick rundown of your piece and we’ll see if we can use it.

Events: A proper calendar of all of the games, interactive and digital media ‘stuff’ happening worldwide – along with any involvement from Scotland, the companies, organisations, etc.  Holding an event?  Planning an event?  Thinking about attending an event?  Tell us, tell us everything…

Who’s Who: A big database, of everyone involved in the games sector in Scotland – developers, publishers, indies, universities, colleges, organisations, etc. etc.  We’re *started* this process and you can find the first pass in the Pages section on the right hand side.  Any updates, edits or mistakes, send them to scottishgamesdotnet@gmail.com.

The Big List: All of the games ever created in Scotland.  Yes, all of them.  It’s a challenge, but again, it’s something useful and doesn’t exist anywhere else.  We’ve not *quite* started this yet, but as soon as we get a free weekend, we shall…

So, welcome once more to the all new Scottishgames.net, we hope you find it useful and perhaps enjoy it now and again.  If you have any ideas or input into the content or coverage, let us know and we will make sure we’re listening.

In the meantime, the first ever Scottishgames banner was created by the very talented Searra Dodds, a graduate of Abertay’s MProf games course and now freelance graphic designer and pixel-art lover.  Thanks Searra…

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