APB Bought By K2 Network For £1.5 Million

APB Bought By K2 Network For £1.5 Million

Realtime World’s short-lived online game APB (All Points Bulletin) has been acquired by K2 Network, the company behind the GamersFirst online multiplayer site.

GamesIndustry reports that K2 paid around £1.5 million for the game, which may be back online before the end of 2010.

If the game is revived, it is likely to use a free-to-play model, mirroring the other titles on GamersFirst, in which players can access each game for free, but are encouraged to buy G1 Credits – which are universal across all titles on the site – which can be used to buy additional content and capabilities for the games.

According to GamesIndustry “GamersFirst declined to comment when approached by GamesIndustry.biz.” which means updates as and when they happen…

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