Notes From The Underground…

We'd like to apologise to our loyal readers for the... slight gap in updates over the last couple of weeks.  Sadly your editorial had to contend with a number of lowly engineering issues and problems of a paranormal nature and this led to several delays in updates. However, please be assured that service is now... Continue Reading →


Hello world.  Welcome to the all new Scottishgames site.  Your single, central resource for everything happening in, relating to and coming from the industry of making games in Scotland.  Developers, indie studios, universities, supporting organisations and local media will all be featured here, making it the place to find out what's going on in and... Continue Reading →

Newsround – Thursday

Another day, another grab-bag of fascinating gaming tidbits from around this social network we call the Internet.  Good afternoon and here are today's headlines... GameCity - The UK's most 'idiosyncratic' games festival (it sounds so good we want to cry [GameSetWatch] 4.4 million tablet devices sold in the last quarter alone [Edge Online] Crossover -... Continue Reading →

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