Act Like A Total Cu*t With Two Monocle Games

If the weary burden of everyday life, personal decision making and taking responsibility for the hopeless mediocrity of your unexceptional, talentless little life is getting you down - or if you're a Hollywood A lister with pots of money and an increasingly anxious partner - then perhaps you should consider seeking guidance. Yes, guidance.  From... Continue Reading →

Scottish Independent Technologist Revolutionizes Music

One problem which has plagued the evolution of music is the almost complete lack of instruments which can be played solely with the nose.  Aside from the Polynesian Nose Flute (and arguably the drums) there are few dedicated instruments which don't leave the player concussed, bleeding and broken. Plus the nose flute, if you think... Continue Reading →

Mapply – Now Recruiting

The team at Mapply (the project formerly known as MyWorld) is recruiting.  There are roles for software engineers and QA, as well as a couple of intern positions. As you can see from the video above, the technology looks incredible.  The potential for MapplyWorld is huge.  So you could be onto a winner getting involved.... Continue Reading →

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