Ruffian Reveal – No Crackdown 3, Tribal Towers Underway

It's been a while since we last heard from the team at Ruffian Games in Dundee.  A couple of ice ages at least.  So it was a pleasure to see some news and even mention of a new game from the company, yesterday afternoon. In a blog on the new Tribal Towers website, Ruffian's Billy... Continue Reading →

VentureBeat Covers APB: Reloaded

VentureBeat is rapidly becoming one of the most significant news channels for the games industry.  It's not just funding, deals and finance, it now covers industry news from all areas of the rapidly evolving games world. The publication posted an interview with the team at Reloaded Productions over the weekend, in which GM Michael Boniface,... Continue Reading →

Building A Better Community

Alongside the website (, Scottishgames is now comprised of a Facebook group, LinkedIn group, Twitter feed, RSS feed(s) and daily e-mail update. On Facebook there are over 600 members, participating and doing everything from sharing news, starting debates and announcing releases.  LinkedIn is for more serious debate, job listings, questions, discussion and criticism.  Twitter reflects... Continue Reading →

Time Capsule Tuesday – THE Definitive History Of Games In Scotland

Did you know that Scottishgames was originally started in 2005 as a Yahoo Group?  That didn't work.  It required people to get involved and contribute.  So in 2006, your editor took the decision to start a blog.  At that time, TypePad was a decent choice and allowed sophisticated content like words and pictures to be... Continue Reading →

Notes From The Underground…

We'd like to apologise to our loyal readers for the... slight gap in updates over the last couple of weeks.  Sadly your editorial had to contend with a number of lowly engineering issues and problems of a paranormal nature and this led to several delays in updates. However, please be assured that service is now... Continue Reading →

Artist In Residence 003 – Dan Bendon

This weeks banner comes to you courtesy of Mr Dan Bendon, the editor-in-chief of Scotland's most personable (and opinionated) online games website: Ready Up. Mr Bendon tells us he was inspired by a Scottish legend and felt that Scottishgames' unique blend of news, updates and analysis, was similar in a way to the zesty... Continue Reading →


Hello world.  Welcome to the all new Scottishgames site.  Your single, central resource for everything happening in, relating to and coming from the industry of making games in Scotland.  Developers, indie studios, universities, supporting organisations and local media will all be featured here, making it the place to find out what's going on in and... Continue Reading →

Newsround – Thursday

Another day, another grab-bag of fascinating gaming tidbits from around this social network we call the Internet.  Good afternoon and here are today's headlines... GameCity - The UK's most 'idiosyncratic' games festival (it sounds so good we want to cry [GameSetWatch] 4.4 million tablet devices sold in the last quarter alone [Edge Online] Crossover -... Continue Reading →

Monday Newsround Up…

It's the triumphant return of the newsround up, friends.  A daily capsule of newsy goodness, designed to highlight the stories, issues and topics within the interactive world which are interesting, relevant or simply full of win. Here are today's headlines... Sony admits to having a 'new product' in development, won't confirm it's the PSP phone... Continue Reading →

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