Artist In Residence 003 – Dan Bendon

Artist In Residence 003 – Dan Bendon

This weeks banner comes to you courtesy of Mr Dan Bendon, the editor-in-chief of Scotland’s most personable (and opinionated) online games website: Ready Up.

Mr Bendon tells us he was inspired by a Scottish legend and felt that Scottishgames’ unique blend of news, updates and analysis, was similar in a way to the zesty and really very orange tang of Scotland’s other national drink.  That and we’re both ‘good for hangovers and ok with a kebab’, which is praise indeed.

Ready Up itself is undergoing something of a transformation, with a new look and new partnerships keeping the site fresh.  We’ll let Mr Bendon explain:

Ready Up ( has launched a new site design in continuation of its partnership with The Games Tribe (

Ready Up is a community gaming website staffed by industry professionals and passionate amateurs each bringing different skills such as writing, photography, web design and professional gaming to the site.

With daily updates to the website’s blog and review pages Ready Up’s large staff work closely together to produce fresh, topical content with a personal slant and with passionate style.With a policy of maintaining roughly equal numbers of female and male staff, Ready Up provides the broadest range of experience you’ll find in the industry utilising the experience of professional videogame journalists, games programmers and designers and prominent community members.

Thanks to Dan for the banner and do go and check out Ready Up for yourself.  You’ll enjoy it.  Promise.

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