Pugs Love Beats – Bringing The Awesome

Ladies & gentlemen today, with only twelve days of the year left, we present what may be 2011's most adorable - and best sounding game.  The constantly surprising team at Edinburgh's Lucky Frame studios today released Pugs Love Beats, a brand new game for iOS. Players take charge of a growing army of space Pugs.... Continue Reading →

Quarrel – Out NOW – In Regular, Or Super Awesome

It's true.  As true as the morning sunrise and that physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their mass... Quarrel.  It lives.  It's OUT NOW on the App Store.  For iPhone, iPad and iPod.  Regular Quarrel, which is just very, very good indeed, is FREE.  While Quarrel Deluxe adds a plethora of features which grace only the very finest, hand-crafted... Continue Reading →

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