Quarrel – Out NOW – In Regular, Or Super Awesome

Quarrel – Out NOW – In Regular, Or Super Awesome

It’s true.  As true as the morning sunrise and that physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their mass

Quarrel.  It lives.  It’s OUT NOW on the App Store.  For iPhone, iPad and iPod.  Regular Quarrel, which is just very, very good indeed, is FREE.  While Quarrel Deluxe adds a plethora of features which grace only the very finest, hand-crafted iOS games.  It’s £2.99 and deserves your money, since it’s very, very, VERY good indeed.

If you’re unfamiliar with Quarrel, then please consider yourself the subject of the greatest disapprobation.  Now read up, shut up and put your hand in your pocket.  Buying an Apple device along the way, should you need to.

Congratulations to the good people at Denki for their patience, persistance and polishing of an already exceptional game.  It’s looking BLOODY good.

Go buy.

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