Pugs Love Beats – Bringing The Awesome

Pugs Love Beats – Bringing The Awesome

Ladies & gentlemen today, with only twelve days of the year left, we present what may be 2011’s most adorable – and best sounding game.  The constantly surprising team at Edinburgh’s Lucky Frame studios today released Pugs Love Beats, a brand new game for iOS.

Players take charge of a growing army of space Pugs.  Yes, the tiny dogs which look like they’ve been bonsai’d.  The goal is to get your cadre of tiny acolytes to skip gaily from their weeny little dog houses to love and hug equally weeny and delicious beats (like beets, only more musical).

Each prance of your tiny dog’s hooves produces a magical sound, so once two or more have been set about their space vegetable loving tasks, the auditory effect is as intoxicating as scoffing a tub of vodka margarine with a wooden spoon, while sitting in a warm bath of cough syrup.

Change your pugs’ routes and paths for an endless supply of sounds and musical wonder.

Buying new outfits for your purdy little doggies improves their movement over different types of terrain.  New dog houses = more pugs = more beat love = more points.

Once you have collected enough beat love, you can purchase new houses.  Also planets.  As you place houses, you dispel clouds from above your shiny new planet to reveal more of the landscape, allowing new houses to be placed and more beats revealed…

…and then, onto more new planets and – possibly – the most endearing galactic empire since Ming the tiny duckling and Fluff Gordon got together.

In terms of design, Pugs Love Beats is as gorgeous as it sounds – and it sounds jolly good too.  Try dragging your finger around the planet buying screen and clap delightedly as your friendly helper pug sings his (or her) tiny heart out.


Pugs Love Beats is out now on iTunes for an entirely bearable cost of £1.99.  If we’ve not already convinced you, then check out the promotional video.  We defy you not to gurgle with joy…

There’s an excellent in-depth piece from Lucky Frame’s Yann Seznec over on Create Digital Music.  We’d recommend that too…

Funding for the game was provided by Channel 4 and Creative Scotland.  We’ll have more from Lucky Frame on that in the near future.

In the meantime, find out more over on the Lucky Frame website, or follow the studio on Twitter. Or, if you eschew the 140 character-based network, like the hell out of them on Facebook.

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