NEoN Knights Hit Dundee

NEoN Knights Hit Dundee

Something called NEoN Knights is now alive and kicking in Dundee.  Utilising QR codes, NEoN Knightsis part game, part exploration, part virtual reality, part, umm, experience we guess…

Created by the very talented chaps at Superfly, there’s an Xbox 360 at stake for those brave enough to participate.

We’ll let them explain things a little more lavishly:

Hear ye, hear ye..!
Calling all lords and ladies, welcome to the tournament of the NEoN Knights!

Keep your eye on Twitter (@onthesuperfly + #NEoNKnights) and the Blog for updates!

Scattered throughout the realm of Dundee are mysterious codes with hidden secrets and it is your mission to seek them out and decipher their meanings. You will be rewarded points for each code you discover. Some codes will also grant you deals at local establishments, among other treasures!

Be aware that the boldest knight with the greatest score will win themselves an Xbox 360!

To participate, you need to wield your iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone and install a QR reader which can be downloaded quickly, and for free, from the respective online marketplaces.  Only with this tool will you be able to decipher the codes and uncover what they hide.

Simply scan the code  on the flyer (it also has points attached.. and will be available at DCA, Abertay Uni, Dundee Uni, Groucho’s and NEoN) or check out the map below to receive your map and start the quest!

So there you have it.  If you’re in Dundee for #NEoN10, you could be the proud owner of a brand new console AND participate in an exciting new form of gaming.  Join in!

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