AdInMo and Usercentrics Join Forces to Boost In-Game Ad Revenue

AdInMo and Usercentrics Join Forces to Boost In-Game Ad Revenue

Edinburgh-based In-Game advertising company AdInMo have announced a new partnership with leading Consent Management Platform (CMP) provider Usercentrics. The goal of this alliance is to improve the monetisation potential for mobile developers and publishers by educating them on the best means of managing data consent for their games.

Manufacturing Consent

When it comes to programmatic advertising, such as the in-game advertising provided by AdInMo, consent can make a huge difference. This isn’t a widely-appreciated facet of the medium, however, with a recent Usercentric survey reporting that “nine out of ten popular mobile games currently ignore user privacy due to misconceptions that obtaining user consent will negatively impact user acquisition (UA).”

“The importance of privacy is growing beyond compliance. More and more brand advertisers simply won’t advertise in non-compliant games. They are willing to pay higher eCPMs for access to consented data, but mobile game publishers and ad networks face challenges in unlocking this major monetization opportunity,” said Valerio Sudrio, Director of Product at Usercentrics. “Our partnership with AdInMo aims to educate the market and gather industry-first data that demonstrates why consent is key to future-proofing IAA revenues.”

Together, Usercentrics and AdInMo will develop an educational programme that will teach developers how they can set up their consent management in a way that maximises their potential revenue, while simultaneously respecting their players’ privacy. This will begin with an industry-first study into the effects of consent on in-game monetisation, which all developers currently working with AdInMo will be able to participate in.

Homa Games, one of AdInMo’s long-standing clients, have already seen success with Usercentrics’ consent management SDK. After integrating it, they gained access to ad inventory in regulated regions like Europe and California, resulting in a 1.5% increase in Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU).
“In-game advertising already offers privacy-first brand campaigns for advertisers and incremental revenue for developers, particularly those impacted by user tracking changes.” Noted Lewis Horgan, Head of Supply at AdInMo. “Our partnership with Usercentrics will support the mobile game developer community to follow best practice and maximize monetization by optimizing access to European traffic from AdInMo’s demand partners.”

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