Esports Scotland and Deep Green Join Forces to Cut Down Consumption

Esports Scotland and Deep Green Join Forces to Cut Down Consumption

Esports Scotland, the nation’s premiere esports event organiser and leader in esports education, have announced their partnership with Deep Green, a company that provides high-quality carbon-neutral data centres for green computing. This new partnership will be focused on “helping the Scottish gaming community reduce the carbon footprint of their activities.”

Green Machine

Esports is a rapidly-growing industry, and as it grows the demand for powerful servers and data centres grows with it. These can be as costly in terms of energy consumption as they are in terms of running costs, making it essential for those working at the forefront of the industry to try and stem these costs to the best of their ability. “Given the unprecedented growth in high performance and data-intensive computing across all sectors, it is imperative that we continue to find ways to be ever more energy-efficient and sustainable. Re-purposing, what would be, waste heat is central to this.” Said Mark Bjornsgaard, Director of Deep Green. “The work we will do with Esports Scotland validates the demand for energy-efficient compute that also provides a societal good – supporting local businesses in reducing their reliance on carbon-intensive fossil fuelled boilers.”

Esports Scotland know the high costs of high-end gaming better than most, and alongside Deep Green they’ll be developing educational resources to help those in the industry manage their energy consumption, sponsoring key esports events, and working to make carbon-positive computing available to gamers, game developers, and event organisers. “It has been an exhilarating six months for us at Esports Scotland, as we have solidified our direction and made sustainable practices a central part of our mission.” Noted James Hood, CEO of Esports Scotland. “With the work we will do with Deep Green, we can combine the immense influence of the esports community with their cutting-edge technology to drive positive change and contribute to a greener future.”

You can learn more about Esports Scotland and Deep Green on their respective websites.

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