ECGx: Edinburgh College Game Expo – May 31st

ECGx: Edinburgh College Game Expo – May 31st

ECGx is the end of year show for both Edinburgh College game dev students and the local game developer community!

ECGx is a celebration of the college’s home-grown passion for game development and showcases hot new projects by local studios alongside the end of year projects by the college’s FE and HE game development and digital design students.

ECGx - Edinburgh College Game Expo 2023 in person.
Edinburgh College’s Nick Bell, told SGN:

We’re delighted to be bringing the event back. It’s always exciting to watch student projects come together but you can’t beat the experience of showing your game in public. It’s great for them to demo alongside the indie guest exhibitors too. ECGx is not an open-evening at college – it’s a real-life games expo in miniature!

Confirmed guest exhibitors include Ant Workshop, Amicable Animal, Haiku Interactive and RaoDaoZao so far, with music from Arrow To The Knee Productions and others.

There will be around 30 games to try out all together. Everyone is welcome. If you have an interest in college game development, you’re a part-time creator, hobbyist or game developer with wisdom to share, or if you just want to hang out and play, please come along!

There will also be snacks provided! (Sandwiches, nibbles, soft drinks etc.)

Aetheric Games

Alongside lecturing at Edinburgh College, Nick is also the founder of (and driving force behind) local studio Aetheric Games, creator of the recently released (and well-reviewed) Temple Of Snek.

Where is it?

Edinburgh College Granton Campus (350 West Granton Road, EH5 1QE)

The event will be in the Digital Hub and library on the first floor. Just go to reception near the main entrance, and there will be a trail of signs to lead you there.

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For more information on ECGx visit EventBrite.

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